Voice Features

VoiceBase enables you to generate information regarding the volume, energy and frequency of each word in the transcripts output from the VoiceBase speech engine.

Using Voice Features

To enable voice features, set in the configuration’s speechModel section, include "voiceFeature" in the features array when make a call to POST /media.

  "speechModel": {
    "features": [

The configuration contains the following fields:

  • speechModel: speech model section
  • features: speech model features to enable

Voice Features Results

When you GET the media results, the response will add to the per word results an array, “frq” that includes the frequency, “f” and energy, “e” values for the dominant and secondary peaks for the word and a volume, “v” value for the word.

“f” is the frequency in Hertz. The maximum value is 8khz or 16khz depending on the format that was provided.

“e” is the relative energy (amplitude) of the frequency. The value will be between 0 and 1.

“v” is the relative volume. The higher the louder. Volume is determined by a formula where v = A * M. A is the average between the words timing and the frequencies amplitude and M is the maximum amplitude value from any frequency and spectrum frames within the words. The value can be unlimited but it is mostly between 0 and 2. Any value greater than 2 can be cropped to 2.

For example:

  "mediaId": "bc14632d-e81b-4673-992d-5c5fb6573fb8",
  "status": "finished",
  "dateCreated": "2017-06-22T19:18:49Z",
  "dateFinished": "2017-06-22T19:19:27Z",
  "mediaContentType": "audio/x-wav",
  "length": 10031,
  "transcript": {
            "p": 0,
            "s": 1880,
            "c": 0.461,
            "frq": [
                "e": 1,
                "f": 260.942
                "e": 0.347,
                "f": 521.807
            "e": 2180,
            "v": 14.876,
            "w": "Because"